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Surveyor Gianluca Milesi

Surveyor Gianluca Milesi

Technical study surveyor

Born in Ornica (Bergamo) november, 8 1966.

Writing to the Board of Surveyors of the Province of Bergamo in n. 3532

The professional activity of the technical study began in 2000, and is carried out on the basis of professional training and experience of the surveyor fifteen Gianluca Milesi paid at an architecture firm.

The Technical Study deals with the design for the construction or renovation of civil construction, commercial and industrial / craft, technical advice, surveying, cadastre, real estate practices, cadastral and research, using internal collaborators in the study.

The study mainly operates in the Province of Bergamo, and collaborates regularly with individual professionals and professional practices to meet the needs of customers that are beyond the expertise of the surveyor (geologists, engineers, lawyers, etc. ..) to offer customers a complete and unified with one referent.